About the Founder

Meet Anna Gouker, founder of The Rage Fund. Anna was born with spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic condition that requires them to use motorized wheelchairs and ventilators. In 2011 Anna earned her Master’s degree in rehabilitation psychology from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Today she serves as the Outreach Coordinator for AchieveAbilities, whose mission is to empower people to achieve their highest potential by fulfilling employment, financial and personal goals.

In her free time, Anna has worked on a variety of projects. Those projects include running for Dane County Board of Supervisors, hosting the Lead the Way with Anna Gouker Podcast, public speaking, and publishing Don’t Ask Permission to Fly. Motivated by inclusion and equality of opportunity, Anna is launching her own organization. The Rage Fund aims to fix structural problems so people with disabilities are able to contribute their inherent gifts to the world.

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